Q 1. What is Neurotherapy?

A 1. Neurotherapy or LMNT is a medicine-less therapy pioneered by Dr. Lajpatrai Mehra, Where any acute – chronic diseases can be cured without giving any medicine, Just by putting pressure on different parts of body for particular time.

Q 2. Is neurotherapy based on Acupressure?

A 2. NO, Neurotherapy is a unique therapy which has no connection or similarity with any other therapy.

Q 3. What precautions to be done while taking Neurotherapy Treatment?

A 3.  When one is under Neurotherapy Treatment Patient should Avoid

  • Non-Veg like Chicken, Mutton, Fish, ect.
  • No tobacco, Smoking or alcohol
  • No Sour food Like tamarind, Tomato, Lemon, Curd, Citric Fruits, Cold Drinks, etc. for those who have pain in their body or breathing problems

Q 4. Special types of cloths are required during LMNT?

A 4. Clothes should be loose and comfortable, so that the patient is at ease and relaxed while taking Neurotherapy treatment

Q 5. What about our treatment after going back from Arogyadham?

A 5. The relevant treatment particularly for that patient is taught to the patient relatives so that they can continue the treatment at home.

Q 6. Can you arrange for our travel?

A 6. We can arrange for a car to pick you up and drop you to your destination point (Airport, Railway station or Bus Station)

Q 7. Can I get any reading material on LMNT?

A 7. YES books on LMNT are available at our ashram you can send a demand draft of the cost of the book addition along with the courier charges at our Ashram Address, from where the book will be dispatched to you.

Q 8. What is the uniqueness of this Therapy?

A 8. It sets right the root cause, i.e,the body’s tendency to become diseased by correcting the internal organs,so that they start functioning normally.

  • It has its own methods of diagnosis but also integrates the knowledge obtained from modern investigators, such as blood tests, X-ray reports, MRI, etc.
  • It uses the findings of Medical Physiology but views them from a uniquely different and refreshing approach,one that relates the use of medicines-less therapy or drugs.
  • Being a medicine-less therapy,it has no side effects.

The therapy is scientific because its method can be repeated over and over again, with identical results.

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